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Hart Basketball Live Stream Here!
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January 19, 2021 Varsity Girls and Boys
Stream will start at 5:45 p.m. with game time
at 6:00 p.m. 

Kress 2021 Stock Show! 


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Kress ISD's Asynchronous Plan

See Plan for Elementary Schedule of Classes by grade level for time to contact the teacher for a conference or assistance. High School's schedule is linked below for conference times.

HS Schedule of Classes
NEW 2020 Kress Basketball Fan Guidelines

We expect all spectators to self-screen prior to arriving at Kress ISD facilities.

Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend the game(s).

Admission Price:       
    Varsity              Adults $4             Students $2    
Sub Varsity       Adults $3             Students $2

               No District Passes Accepted                     
Home and Visitor Fans:                    
We will be issuing vouchers to each player for them to give to their parents or other spectators. These will be presented to the door for admission and to pay for the ticket. 

UIL has implemented a 50% capacity rule. We apologize for the inconvenience due to limited seating.  We are striving to maintain a safe environment for our student athletes to display their skills in the game of Basketball

  • All fans over 10 years of age must wear a face covering to enter Kress I.S.D.'s facilities and keep them on the entire time while in the gym or cafeteria.
  • Spectators should choose to remain socially distant and respect other’s preferred spacing while in the gymnasium or cafeteria.
  • Children MUST always remain with guardians, no running freely.
  • Spectators are NOT allowed on the court at any time prior to, during, or after the game.

General Basketball guidelines:

  • Everyone in the gym is required to wear face covering at all times.
  • No Food and Drinks are not allowed in Gym,You must eat in the concession area in the cafeteria.
  • Home and Visiting Team seating will be East end of gym on Visitor side.
  • All players, coaches, workers, camera staff, managers must wear face covering on sideline.
  • Cheer must wear face covering when not cheering and maintain distance.
  • No pre or postgame handshakes or team circle at end of game

We greatly appreciate your support in helping our students, community, and our neighbors to stay safe. With your help and full cooperation, we can all have a great season. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Leah Zeigler (Superintendent) 806-774-0631 or Phil Zolman (Principal) 806-279-6783 or Shawn Langston (Principal) 806-684-2326.
Executive Order GA-29.

Hart ISD

Hart ISD Basketball Gymnasium Protocol 2020


Due to Covid-19 guidelines, access to the Hart ISD Gymnasium will be limited to 50% capacity and social distancing will be practiced.

Admission price: $4.00 for adults/$2.00 for children

$3.00 for adults/$2.00 for children (Jr. High Games)

NO District Passes will be accepted.

Home Side: Capacity in the stands is 96. Please use social distancing protocol between families.

Visitor Side: Capacity in the stands is 40. Please use social distancing protocol between families.

Visitors’ Sales: There will be no presale of tickets for the visitors’ side. All visitors will pay at the entrance and will be open to the first 40 individuals. 

Kress ISD is requesting that the gym be cleared of our fans between the girl's game and the boy's game so that our boys parents will be able to get into the game with the seating limit of 40.

Handicap Seating: 4 seats reserved on Home side.

Team Seating: A separate section of bleachers will be set up and reserved for the teams on the home side and on the visitors’ side. While acting as a spectator, players must wear a mask.

Team Entrance: Basketball Teams will enter through the east gymnasium door and go straight to locker room or to assigned seating section. After their game, players should leave the locker room as soon as possible and either leave the premises or sit in their assigned section.

Warm-Up Balls: Visiting Teams need to provide their own basketballs.

Home Ticket Sales: Ticket sales will be available to participating players, first. Each player will be allowed 2 tickets per game. Players will have the opportunity to purchase their tickets for the week on Sunday evening. Remaining tickets will be sold to the general public on a first-come-first-serve basis starting on Monday morning.

No one will be allowed to enter without a ticket.


Masks or face coverings (over the nose and mouth) will be required in the gymnasium for all spectators. Fans and guests will be required to wear masks upon entering and exiting the gymnasium and any time they are moving about in any area of the gymnasium. Any guests/fans not wearing a mask or exercising social distancing guidelines may be asked to leave the facility. For purposes of gymnasium seating, a “family” refers to members living under the same roof.

Exceptions to the wearing of face coverings or face shields are as follows:

A. Any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing of a face covering

B. While a person is consuming food or drink

No fans/guests are allowed in the gymnasium before or after the game. Admission for fans will open 45 minutes prior to game time. Fans and guests must exit the gymnasium immediately following the final game and must not congregate around the gymnasium floor or in the concession area.

No unaccompanied children (6th grade and under) will be allowed into the gymnasium - must attend the game with parent or adult guardian.

Children will not be allowed to play in the concession stand area or the bleachers - they must be seated in the stands with their family.

Cheerleaders will be allowed to stand at opposite ends of the basketball court along the baseline area.

If you have any questions, please contact the school at 806-938-2143.


Kress 2021 Stock Show!  

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Kress Independent School District
Reopening Plan 2020-21


 “Parental Education Rights and
Responsibilities during COVID-19”

"Derechos y responsabilidades de educación
de los padres durante COVID -19"



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